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Our Services

We provide a full service solution in the IT area for our customers. Below is part of what we are working on.
 System management

We use the word system management to indicate that we ensure that our customers can count on the continuous operation of their IT systems.
We have many years of experience in the operation of e.g. Microsoft AX / NAV, Hogia’s various solutions, Visma’s solutions, Unikums Pyramid, AMAB’s GMS to name a few.
Regardless of the system and platform, we are able to provide very high availability and performance.


Through physical and logical monitoring, the proactive part is supplemented so that a business gets a current overview of its IT status.
We provide multiple monitoring solutions that are tailored to customers’ desires and requirements.
Reports, events and alarms can be handled with different degrees of priority and multiple communication paths.


Vertical integration – from cables, networks, the internet, computers and servers to services, software, licenses, protection, monitoring and backup.
Feel free to ask us about the horizontal part within each level – but please start a stopwatch so that we don’t take too much of your time with the details.
We handle most things.

Project management

Our experience makes us very well suited to handle your next project.
We help you with survey, feasibility study, requirements, documentation and budget.
An understandable presentation of a suitable solution in a complex area – we can do that.
During ongoing delivery and implementation, we work as both jetty and sounding board so that all parties pull in the same direction.
We can provide system management and support.
Continuous follow-up and improvement in the future is something that must be included at the beginning of a project.


“Work wherever you want, whenever you want” – bring your own devices (“BYOD”).
Some fresh phrases about mobility.
We create secure and reliable solutions for access to your systems – business systems, reporting systems, email and Office, files and folders (directly or via OneDrive / SharePoint).
We secure with multi-layer protection as well as use “zero trust” security, authentication (“2FA / MFA”) and encryption (“VPN”).


You may think that we see dangers around every corner – and we do.
Over 35 years on building the internet (and what existed before) – we have seen most.
Considering the threats that exist – in every decision we make – is something we have to live with.
Proactive security work – vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, traffic flow analysis and control, anti-virus with surveillance – it’s our everyday life.

Hardware & Software

Over the years, we have become partners to many of the industry’s suppliers:

– Microsoft, Google
– Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Fujitsu
– Intel, AMD, Micron, Samsung
– Synology, Mikrotik, ZyXEL, Netgear, Ubiquiti

Internet & Cloud

With a very long experience as a service provider on the internet, we are very well suited to deliver the best solution for you.
Do you want to build your own, shared operation or completely in the cloud – we adapt to your wishes.
If you chose to work only with us or put a part of your solution with any of our colleagues in Sweden or on a global supplier – nothing is foreign to us.
We have our own virtual, distributed solutions (applications, websites, email, DNS etc), but also handle Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.